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Even a terrific Sandra Bullock can’t save Netflix’s Bird Box

Sandra Bullock is leading the terror to Netflix, donning a blindfold for the dystopian survival drama "Bird Box" that began streaming Friday. How did the thriller go down?

Pretty mixed, falling to the negative side, for director Susanne Bier's effort that has a 65% positive critical score on the review site

Here are the best critical comments for the film, which also stars Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich.

The New York Times' Aisha Harris called the movie "riveting. sometimes."

"Too often 'Bird Box' walks right up to the edge of pure suspense and disappoints," Harris wrote. "The squelching of promise is not my worst (cinematic) fear, per se. But it’s still disappointing."

New York Magazine/Vulture's Emily Yoshida lost the plot on the drama.

"Perhaps 'Bird Box' will work for someone less burnt out on the contemporary glut of post-apocalyptic survival narratives," Yoshida wrote. "But …